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Ensure your vinyl records remain in excellent shape for years to come

Keep your vinyl record collection in pristine condition with our recommended cleaning tools and solutions. The key to preserving the outstanding sounds your albums provide is to use quality brushes and fluids to keep your records clean of dust and dirt.

Our range of vinyl record care products include:

The Spin-Clean Record Washer

A proven record cleaner system that has been around since 1976, the Spin-Clean Record Washer enables you to deep-clean both sides of any record with excellent results.

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Mobile Fidelity Brushes and Fluids

Care for your irreplaceable record collection with Mobile Fidelity’s inexpensive but highly effective brushes and fluids.

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Audioquest Carbon Fibre Brushes

One of the best ways to care for your records is to use an anti-static carbon fibre brush that removes dust from the surface of your record. This is essential before and after playing each record to ensure that it remains dust free.

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Wooden Record Crates

Locally made right here in Aurora! These hand crafted crates are solid and can hold up to 60 records. This spring (2018) we will be introducing a line of crates that are beautifully stained and will match any decor. ETA is April 2018


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Vinyl Styl Record Cleaning Cloth

A quick and easy way to remove dust and static from your records. Eliminate dust, fingerprints, and static in seconds!

Vinyl Styl Stylus Cleaner

Stylus Cleaning Kit to keep your stylus free of debris is key in getting the most out of your listening session and in preserving the life of your records!

Clean Sound Vinyl Cleaner

Is a concentrate vinyl record cleaner for first time cleaning or extra dirty records. Totally safe to use on your records that is non-alcohol or enzyme based.

Visit our store in Aurora to get the accessories you need, or contact us if you have questions

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