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Buying & Selling

Have quality vinyl records or LPs to sell? Visit our store in Aurora and show us what you've got

As York Region's sole independent vinyl record emporium, we carry a comprehensive library of records for several musical genres, including:

  • Classic and Modern Rock
  • Soul/R&B/Stax & Motown
  • Jazz & Blues

If you have vinyl records in one of the above categories that are in good or excellent condition that you wish to sell, visit our store in Aurora. We'll appraise your collection and offer you the best solution for your vinyl.

Starting in 2018, we only offer consignment for your vinyl records. We know how to price in order to get the bext value for your collection. We are also interested in popular titles in CD and tape (both Cassettes, Reel to Reel, and even some 8-Tracks) formats. Please ask us about this amazing program.


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